Swim Meet Job List

All swim team families are required to work one or more home or away meets.  Running a swim meet requires a large number of trained and untrained volunteers.

These positions are filled by parents at home (and some away) meets.  A successful swim meet requires 50+ volunteers! Training is provided, and you'll have an opportunity to list your preferred job choices at the beginning of the season.  Positions are assigned by the team for the whole season, and parents must work their assigned job or "hire a teen" to cover their position.

All supplies (pencils, stopwatches, computer, etc) are provided by the team.  Please bring a water bottle - cold water will be provided.

Preparing Hot Dogs

Snack Bar

The "Grill on the Hill" provides snacks and hot food to swimmers and other meet attendees.  Snack bar jobs range from working cashier or serving food to customers, grilling food, or simply supplying ice, pasta, or green salads before the meet starts.

Early Snack Bar 

3 per home meet

Work the snack bar from 4p to 6:30p.  Help set up and sell items.

Pasta Salad

3 per home meet

Provide a large pasta salad (each family provides enough for 30 people / 15 cups) for the snack bar to sell.

Grill Master

1 per home meet

Set up grill, cook hot dogs and hamburgers during the meet, clean/put away grill (4:30 to close)

Late Snack Bar

3 per home meet

Work the snack bar from 6:30 to meet close. Sell items, put away items, tidy up the rec center.  Bring wrapped baked goods to sell.


3 per home meet

Purchase and deliver five 10lb bags of ice to the Rec Center no later than 4pm.

Early Cashier

1 per home meet

Work Cashier table from 4:30-6:30p.  Add totals for snack bar purchases, collect money, annotate total $ purchased in family tabs.

Late Cashier

1 per home meet

Work cashier table from 6:30-close. Add totals for snack bar purchases, collect money, annotate total $ purchased in family tabs.

Swim Meet Support

Swim meet support consists of jobs that supply ancillary support for home and away swim meets.  Setting up shade, making sure the younger swimmers get to the blocks in the right order and on time, or getting the ribbons ready for the teams to hand out to their swimmers.

Shade Brigade

2 per "large" away meet

Pick up tents at the Rec Center, deliver and set up tents at the meet (arrive early to secure a spot for the team).  Return tents after the meet to the Rec Center.  Large away meets are: Muppet Meet, 9-18 invitational, Championship Prelims, and Championship Finals.

Clean Up Crew

2 per home meet

Clean up pool deck, Rec Center, and bathrooms, put away equipment.

Good Shepherd

2 per meet (home/away)

Help coach gather the 8 and under swimmers and lead them to the starting blocks on time.


1 per home meet

Set up speaker system, announce each event, play music during meet.


2 per home meet

Attach stickers to ribbons and sort them into the team box and/or folders.


Meet Staff and Officials

Meet Staff / Officials are volunteers who are directly responsible for official positions required to run home swim meets.  These volunteers will time swimmers, provide judging or refereeing to ensure the rules are fairly applied, or will assist with scoring and time reporting.  Some of these jobs require official training in a classroom, others can be trained "on the job".  Other than the Timer jobs, these positions are often not able to be covered by a teen and are crucial to ensure the meet runs well.  Please contact a Meet Director if you are interested in one (or more) of these jobs.


12 per home meet

Time each event with a stop watch, verify correct swimmer is on the block, write down times.


2 per home meet

Pick up time sheets from each timer, disqualification reports from the Judges, and scorecards from the Blanket Judges; deliver the sheets to the scoring table after each event.

Stroke and Turn Judge

2 per home meet

Judge each swimmer for proper stroke technique and turns, identifies disqualifications (DQ).  Requires SAAA classroom training.

Stroke and Turn Relief

1 per home meet

Provide relief to stroke and turn judges to allow brief breaks.  While filling in, perform the duties of a Stroke and Turn Judge.  Requires SAAA classroom training.

Head Timer

1 per home meet

Start two extra stop watches in each heat to allow for timers to use as a back-up if needed.

Swimmer Stager

1 per home meet

Responsible for managing the starting block area. Controls when swimmers are allowed to enter the starting block area.  Must be able to ask swimmers to remain outside of the block area until their heat is close to being called.


2 per home meet

Enters results of heats into computer to generate meet results.  Requires training.  


1 per home meet

Provides Stroke and Turn Judging, responds to protests from coaches, enforces meet rules.  Informs swimmer or coaches if there is a disqualification. Requires SAAA certification and experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge.

Relief Timer

1 per home meet

Provide relief to timers to allow brief breaks.  While filling in for timers, perform the duties of a timer (listed above).

Blanket Judge

4 per home meet

Blanket Judges work in pairs to determine and record which lane finishes in which order for each heat.


2 per home meet

Finalizes race results for each heat and arranges the data into a form that can be entered by the computer operators.  Requires training.  


1 per home meet

Starts each event based on SAAA / USA Swimming procedures, ensures a fair start for each heat, provides false start confirmation along with the Referee. Uses starter equipment.  Requires training/practice.